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Helping you to create a NuYu

What do you do?

We offer complete customized solutions for Individuals. We help with Appearance, Communication, Clothing Solutions, Grooming, Make up, Hair, Etiquette, over all Presentation.

Personal Branding after understanding your roles, goals and the occasion to create a credible, approachable or authoritative You

Why do I need an Image Consultant?

Does your perceived image match the image that you are trying to project. In other word do you match your credentials?

If you are struggling to bridge the gap between the two then we can offer you a solution.

How are you different from a personality development class?

People have been doing piece meal work, so you go to a designer to figure out clothing solutions, or a personality development class to help you with body language and speaking skills while we offer an end to end solution and work on all aspects.

Is it a Makeover?

No makeovers are sudden changes and they don’t go down well. For you the process has to be slow for you to get accustomed with and for people to accept you. Also we make you understand why the changes are being made so that you can incorporate them even if I am not around to help you.

What will you be doing with me?

Basically adding value to you. Remember you are ‘investing in you’. Before you sell a product, business, service or whatever it maybe, you are communicating something by the way you dress, walk, talk, your gestures, the bag you carry, the watch you wear, the car you drive. It is all talking about you. So we help you understand the why , how and the importance of image. We offer recommendations based on your roles, goals and occasions. So the recommendations could be clothing according to your body type, could be make up, footwear, hair, improving posture, accessories.