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Welcome to CAN Institute

CAN is run by Neelu Virk and Nilima Hemrajani. We realize that although schools work on reading and writing skills, the listening and speaking skills are not developed. So a programme was put together by a group of experienced teachers at CAN fulfilling these needs. We have been training students in hundreds since 1987 with great success.

Why Develop Speaking Skills?

 Powerful Tool The gift of language is among the greatest that we have. If we know how to appreciate it and use it to our advantage, it is a very powerful tool. Essential Skill How many intelligent, talented people do you know who never seem to have progressed in their careers because they just do not have the confidence, or lost an opportunity at  a job
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Our Expertise

We at CAN believe that our refreshing, stimulating and encouraging methodology helps children to look at ordinary things with extraordinary eyes. Having fun in class, makes the learning outcome much greater. We ensure that our teachers are skilled, qualified and experienced in the areas of drama and speaking. In our centers children are not just numbers but individuals and we take the time to know
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