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As a child, I was always shy, unable to talk, share, express myself or even communicate the simplest things to anyone. I was an introvert, one who would prefer being left...Read More

John Pinto - Student

Smart, sly and sophisticated, Dev Jhaveri is the most demanding, yet simultaneously, the most entertaining member at IYC. Being the internationally awarded MUNner that he...Read More

Dev Jhaveri - Student

After spending the better part of my childhood with the CAN family, I can now say that they have played a major role in making me the person I am today. I stand here, a product...Read More

Aditya Madnani - Student

Well, there is something special for me every Friday.. Any guesses? It’s none other than my very own speech class. At 5.30 pm, we go into Bell Haven, opposite the LIC...Read More

Mihir Vahanwala - Student

I have been attending the class from the last 5 years. This class gives me knowledge with happiness. The teachers of the class teach us the pronunciation of each and every...Read More

Shubham Mankar - Student